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Recognising that many lawyers practising in African countries are disadvantaged as a result of inadequate access to good libraries of legal materials, ILFA has prepared lists of websites (which cannot claim to be comprehensive) providing free access to legal materials and/or practical information which may be of use to lawyers practising in African countries who need to deal with matters that have an international element.

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Please read the disclaimer set out below before using information on, or obtained through, this site.

  1. ILFA cannot accept responsibility for the content, quality or policies of any website to which this website may provide a link.
  2. This website is merely a selection of legal websites which may be helpful in the context of international banking, commercial and dispute resolution activities. It does not purport to be comprehensive.
  3. This website is used on the understanding that ilfa neither owes nor assumes any form of duty of care or responsibility towards anyone who might consult it.
  4. The selection for inclusion, arrangement and descriptions of websites are copyright and ilfa asserts its moral rights. Reproduction without ILFA's express permission is forbidden.

Maintenance Of This Website

From time to time organisations change the url of their websites. To ensure that this website remains a useful tool for African lawyers, ILFA would be grateful if you would identify for it (making use of the email link below) any links to websites included in this site which have clearly ceased to exist (after taking account of any possible technical difficulties which may be the result of service failure by your local internet service providers!).

To inform ILFA of any links which appear to no longer exist, please e-mail: Info